Math K-8 Summary of Alignment & Usability

The instructional materials reviewed for Grade 6-8 vary in alignment scoring. Grades 6 and 7 do not spend a majority of time on the major work of the grade level. Each of these grades devotes less than 50% of the time to major work. There are some examples of coherence within these grades and some examples of coursework following the progressions of learning throughout the grade levels. In Grade 8, the materials are found to be focused on the major work of the grade level, and they partially meet the criterion for being coherent and consistent with the standards. This grade was reviewed for rigor and MPs. Procedural skills and fluency are found to be strong, but Grade 8 materials support of conceptual understanding and application opportunities are lacking. Grade 8 materials incorporate vocabulary in a meaningful way, but MP 3 is not fully attended to for the teacher nor for the students.