We believe our best work is grounded in the realities and experiences of teachers and students in our school systems across the country. This means not only embracing differences but also investing in them. EdReports will attract and develop individuals who share the life experiences of the diverse range of students in the United States.
We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement in the strategies we adopt and the products we create. This requires that we invest in and take accountability for incorporating diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity in our actions and outcomes.
EdReports recognizes that equity is inextricably connected to our ability to fulfill our mission. It should be a lens through which every decision is made. We believe building a truly equitable workplace at EdReports is achievable—and that it will take courage, consistency, and a willingness to commit to new approaches even when it is difficult to do so. We pursue a culture where everyone feels valued and where marginalized communities are centered at the heart of EdReports’ work.