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Summary of Alignment & Usability: Jolly Phonics | ELA


NOTE: The review of this product included all materials suggested by and purchased from the publisher for the United States version of Jolly Phonics, copyright 2014. The program was reviewed based on information provided by the publisher and the CCSS alignment document available on their website. See additional review details here.  

This report is for a supplementary foundational skills program intended for use alongside a comprehensive core English Language Arts program. 

The instructional materials reviewed for Jolly Phonics Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 do not meet the criteria for alignment to standards and research-based practices for foundational skills instruction. The instructional materials use a synthetic approach to phonics. The materials provide instruction in letter sounds and students learn lowercase letters in Kindergarten and uppercase letters in Grade 1. Materials provide limited opportunities for students to learn general concepts of print. The materials partially meet the criteria for materials provide explicit, systematic instruction of phonological awareness (K-1) and phonics. The materials do not provide systematic, explicit instruction and practice in fluency. The Phonics Teacher’s Book and student materials do not cover the full range of foundational skills as required by the standards.