HMH Science Dimensions® Grades 6-8

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Summary of Alignment & Usability: HMH Science Dimensions® Grades 6-8 | Science

Science 6-8

​The instructional materials reviewed for HMH Science Dimensions Grades 6-8 partially meet expectations for Alignment to NGSS (Gateways 1 and 2). In Gateway 1, the instructional materials partially meet the expectations that students engage with three-dimensional learning and that phenomena and problems drive learning. The instructional materials meet expectations for Gateway 2: Coherence and Scope. The expectations of Coherence and Full Scope of the Three Dimensions are met in that they incorporate the full scope of the three dimensions and the nature of science connections to DCIs and SEPs and engineering connections to CCCs. However, the materials do not incorporate unit to unit coherence nor do they include a suggested sequence for the series, and multiple instances of scientific inaccuracies related to how the three dimensions are presented. Further, materials do not proceed to Gateway 3, because they partially meet expectations for Gateway 1. Additionally, while the materials meet expectations for Gateway 2 in terms of aggregate scoring, they do not meet indicator 2b, which is a nonnegotiable and prevents the materials from being reviewed for Gateway 3, as well.

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