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Summary of Alignment & Usability: Agile Mind Integrated Mathematics | Math

Product Notes

Upon completing the review of the High School Integrated series from Agile Mind, EdReports.org determined that revisions and enhancements made within the Integrated series had also been made to the materials for the Traditional series and Grades 6-8 from Agile Mind. As a result, EdReports.org revised the reports for the Traditional series and Grades 6-8 to reflect the revisions and enhancements that have been made to the materials.


Math High School

The instructional materials reviewed for the Agile Mind Integrated series meet expectations for alignment to the CCSSM for high school, Gateways 1 and 2, and they meet the expectations for instructional supports and usability indicators, Gateway 3. In Gateway 1, the instructional materials attend to the full intent of the non-plus standards, allow students to fully learn each non-plus standard, and foster coherence through meaningful connections in a single course and throughout the series. In Gateway 2, the instructional materials meet the expectation that materials meaningfully connect the Standards for Mathematical Content and the Standards for Mathematical Practice. The instructional materials reviewed meet the expectations for making sense of problems and persevering in solving them as well as attending to precision; reasoning and explaining; and seeing structure and generalizing and partially meet the expectations for modeling and using tools. In Gateway 3, the materials meet the expectations for having use and design to facilitate student learning and teacher planning and learning for success with CCSS.

Usability (Gateway 3)
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