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ELA 3-5

Match Fishtank English Language Arts instructional materials for Grades 3-5 meet the expectations of Gateways 1 and 2 for alignment with high-quality texts, questions, and tasks that grow students' literacy skills over the course of the year. The combination of social studies and science units with the literacy units provide opportunities for students to build knowledge through authentic and integrated reading and writing experiences. Materials do not meet the expectations of Gateway 3 as the program lacks consistent guidance for teachers in planning, supporting post-assessment, and providing meaningful, integrated support for students with disabilities, students for whom English is not their primary language, and students working above grade level.

The program is web-based and provides an easy-to-navigate platform.

For more information please visit: https://www.matchfishtank.org/curriculum/elementary-ela-edreports

Usability (Gateway 3)
Does Not Meet Expectations
Usability (Gateway 3)
Does Not Meet Expectations
Usability (Gateway 3)
Does Not Meet Expectations