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Summary of Alignment & Usability: Big Ideas Learning AGA | Math

Math High School

The materials reviewed for Big Ideas Learning AGA partially meet expectations for alignment to the CCSSM for high school. For focus and coherence, the series showed strengths in the following areas: attending to the full intent of the mathematical content contained in the standards, spending the majority of time on the content from CCSSM widely applicable as prerequisites, making meaningful connections in a single course and throughout the series, and explicitly identifying and building on knowledge from Grades 6-8 to the high school standards. For rigor and the mathematical practices, the series showed strengths in the following areas: supporting the intentional development of students' conceptual understanding, opportunities for students to develop procedural skills, displaying a balance among the three aspects of rigor, supporting the intentional development of reasoning and explaining, and supporting the intentional development of seeing structure and generalizing.

High School
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Alignment (Gateway 1 & 2)
Partially Meets Expectations
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